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To identify a long-term major community project with Great Ocean Lions Club, help to build up the Lions spirit among Leos, awaken people's attention to the need to protect the environment .

Great Ocean Lions Club May Address

The needs of Children

Environmental Needs

Healthcare Needs

Community Needs

What We Do In The Signature Project:

  1. Most team members for this project are Leos, monitored by two Lions Club member.

  2. Create a shopping website under Great Ocean Lions official website.

  3. Divided into 3 teams ( 1. Website maintain, 2. Art works 3. Sales and Marketing ).

  4. Choose a topic for making the world a better place, such as Sea Life Protection, and invite the children to make art about it, then we select a few to make souvenirs. 

  5. Promote souvenirs in the community and sell them.

  6. We will donate all our earning from the project to Australia Children’s Cancer Fund .

Theme of the first issue: Save The Ocean Together

Collection Of Works

The ocean is the cradle of life, accounting for nearly 3/4 of the earth's surface area and 97% of the earth's total water resources. It provides many resources and services for human beings, such as oxygen, climate regulation, carbon sequestration, provision of food and medicine, etc. The survival and development of society is of great significance. With the increasing frequency of human activities, fragile marine ecosystems are being destroyed, and it is imperative to protect the oceans and marine life.

Ocean Lions calls on every citizen of the earth to participate in the marine protection and marine life. Only with a healthy ecosystem and rich biodiversity can all living beings have a safe and healthy survival guarantee, and human society can only There is a foundation for sustainable development. We look forward to your work and contribute to the protection of the ocean and marine life. Welcome to contribute~

Solicitation Activity Description


September 1, 2022 - December 31, 2022


Unlimited. Paintings, calligraphy, videos, music, photography, etc. are all acceptable.


Your works will be displayed on our website. Excellent works will be sold as physical goods for public welfare, and all the profits will be invested in the Australian Children's Cancer Research Foundation supported by Ocean Lions.


Online submission (image category only, within 5MB);

For other types, please send your works to:


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